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To view the details of Rajshiksha Secondary and Elementary Education related orders, Notification and other details visit

It provides the following details

  • Secondary
  • Elementary
  • S.S.A.,Policy

Contact Information:


Govt. of Rajasthan Department of Education

Principal Secretary, Education Department, Jaipur: 0141-2227389
Commissioner, Secondary Education Department, Bikaner: 0151-2522238
Jaipur, 0141 2227389

Rajshiksha website is the official education portal of Government of Rajasthan.

Nodal Officer :- Dy Secretary Education(0141-2227888)


Rajshiksha Gov, RajShiksha, Department of Education Rajasthan, rajshiksha gov rajshiksha
Rajshiksha Gov, RajShiksha, Department of Education Rajasthan