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TLC’s tv show “BBQ Pittmasters” is suddenly gaining popularity. The show is about three cooks from North Texas Jamie Geer, Paul Peterson (McKinney) and Johnny Trigg (Alvarado) on the show. Jamie Geer, if you don’t know, owns the Jambo Pits Company that builds custom made smokers. The show has best competition teams in the country cook on their pits competing for a win.

Jamie vouches for the Jambo Pits and claims that the ease with which they cook on the show is because of the quality of the pit. Here is the statement in his own word

Jambo Pits are the best smokers money can buy. That’s a bold statement, but the results speak for themselves. Many of the best competition teams in the country cook on our pits.

Here is Jamie Geer Contact Information Website for sale related queries:

Jamie Geer
Jambo Pits
P.O. Box 40326
Fort Worth, Texas 76140-0326
Phone: 817.223.3918 Or 817.572.7631

Note: Currently their website seems to be down due to heavy hits.

Jamie Geer has been termed as a great pit builder and a great cook inclusive. Jami Geer is the reason behind the awesome recipes of BBQ center. We would bring more on Jambo Pits soon, please subscribe and stay on. [Picture of Jambo Smokers Pits]

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