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image Is Bill Cosby dead? The whole world is searching for Bill Cosby Dead News on Internet. is he dead? We aren’t sure yet, though. However, a news report has indicted that Bill Cosby was found passed out in the chair while watching TV with his wife Camille at  Shelburne, Massachusetts home. Camille  called 911 after she discovered he wasn’t breathing. Crosby was then rushed to Baystate  Franklin Medical Center to be pronounced brought dead at 12:28 AM EST February 6th 2010. The report also states that EMT’s early reports to have indicated that he had a cardiac arrest (Heart Attack ). We are still awaiting confirmation on the same. This could also be just another celebrity dead gossips, just like the Lady Gaga Dead and Johnny Depp Dead rumors that take off from somewhere literally  rocking the world, we aren’t sure for now. Bill Cosby would surely be upset to hear the news of his own death, if he actually isn’t.

William Henry “Bill” Cosby, Jr, born on July 12, 1937, is an American Comedian, author, actor, television personality. In the beginning he performed at clubs and later landed in a starring role in the 1960s action show, I Spy, that turned the life for him. He has created tons of humorous educational cartoon series for kids like Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids, in which a group of friends grow up in a city learning.

Bill Cosby was on news earlier too when his son was murdered in 1997.

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There seems to be one more new today, 2 Aug, 2010, claiming that Bill Cosby is dead, actually triggered by Comic magazine when it reported it. Note: Bill is NOT dead. It’s a RUMOR!!!!


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