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The Gama Goat is a semi-amphibious six-wheel-drive off-road vehicle at first developed for US Military during the war in Vietnam. Gama Goat has a fascinating articulated body, which allows it to travel over extremely rough terrain and has an exclusive four-wheel steering arrangement with the front and rear wheels turning in opposite directions.

The vehicle was nicknamed based on two sources; “Gama” from the name of the inventor of its motorized articulated joint, Roger Gamount, and “Goat” for its mountain goat like off-road ability. Its military title was M561, 6×6 tactical 1-1/2-ton truck.

People are searching for  Gama goat for sale on Internet. We are pretty simageure that you don’t want ot have one. Gama Goat is specifically built for army and it is little hard to master driving the vehicle with front and rear wheels turning in opposite directions.It wouldn’t work on city roads!!


* Weight (with winch) 7710lb/3497kg
* 2900lb/1315kg load
* 226in/574cm Length
* 84in/213cm offer
* 91in/231cm rise
* Fuel Capacity 40gal/151l
* Tires Size 11-18
* Transmission: 4 speed W / 2-speed transfer case.
* Engine: 3-53 Detroit Diesel with supercharger
* Electrical System: 24 volt
* Brake System Type: Hydraulic

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