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Are you curious to know what is the Kelley Blue Book is? Then read on!!

Kelley Blue Book is a handbook that gathers and quotes prices for new and used vehicles of all models, makes and types. Officially known as the Kelley BlueBook, it was initially available only to those in the automotive industry, however both a consumer edition and an online edition were imagereleased in the 1990s for the general public.

Now it is suddenly being searched frantically on the Internet. You wouldn’t believe if we said it’s because of President Obama. Kelley Blue Book lists a Liz Murphy’s 2000 Jeep Cherokee that has clocked almost 133,000 miles appreciated at about $3,500. Nevertheless last week, a big name paid $26,437.50 for it. The motive: Its preceding owner was none other than President Barack Obama.

The most popular section of the Kelley Blue Book site is the area that provides the current value of the used automobile you are interested in buying or selling. You can actually make your choice to get numerous divergent values: the Trade-In Value, the Private Party Value if buying from or selling as an individual, then the Suggested Retail Value that you might anticipate at a dealership, and the Certified Pre-Owned Value.