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Undertaker dead news has shook the fans of the WWE Undertaker! During the recent episode telecast on June 4th 2010 (06/04/10) of WWE Smackdown, there was a fresh storyline that The Undertaker is dead. The show started with the General Manager Theodore Long announcing that Undertaker is now in a "vegetative state". But, this announcement created a backdrop for undertakers brother Kane to appear for further clarification.

image Around 8 people carried a coffin to ringside and put it down on the stage, then Kane appeared from backstage to deliver a tribute, reporting that he didn’t anticipate if his brother will ever walk amongst them again. In the ring he spoke a passionate and emotional speeches the Big Red Monster has spoken. Couple of years earlier he used to use a unique device to speak, however now he’s seems to be very clear in his words. He iterated that he would find whoever did this to his brother out of commission and make them experience the same pain in eternal damnation.

Certainly the question remains on our mind if Undertaker is really dead? Could once a Deadman die again? The factual reason for Undertaker’s "disappearing act" just 1 week after returning to Smackdown is due to injury. As per the Wrestling Observer, Undertaker was injured in Taker’s Fatal 4-Way qualifying match against Rey Mysterio the previous Friday, The Undertaker is said to have suffered a broken nose, broken orbital bone, and concussion. This injury has forced him to stay away from action and he might require some time away from the WWE ring and the Fatal 4-Way Pay-Per-View until recovery. We certainly don’t believe he is dead. As for who’s the attacker, is it his own brother Kane? Even though we’ve noticed these two in feuds several, many times before.

Here is something on Orbital bone; What is Orbital Bone?

In anatomy, the orbital bone is the cavity or socket of the skull in which the eye and its appendages are situated.

It can also mean the skin which surrounds the eye of a bird.
In the adult human, the volume of the orbit is 30 ml, of which the eye occupies 6.5 ml.
The orbits are conical cavities, which open into the midline of the face. Each consists of a base, an apex and four walls.

The base, which opens in the face, has four borders. The following bones take part in their formation:
* 1. Superior margin: frontal bone
* 2. Inferior margin: maxilla and zygomatic
* 3. Medial margin: frontal, lacrimal and maxilla
* 4. Lateral margin: zygomatic and frontal