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Justin Bieber Breaks Neck In A Car Accident : Justin Bieber’s Driver Was Allegedly Drunk : News Update Photos Images Video Latest Pictures Pics Twitter-

imageHaha, now it is a new story about Justin Bieber!!! There have been so many rumors about him lately that these days the difference between the reality and rumor has thinned. We have reports coming in from an anonymous source that Justin Bieber has broken his neck in a road traffic collision today. How far it is true we don’t know. We will keep you posted on it as we proceed. For now read on with an open mind!

The source indicates that he was in a car being driven to a local fast food restaurant last night when the collision is alleged to have happened. It also states that allegedly drunken driver James Peterson aged 34, who was at the wheel drove the car right into another car.

Is it just another Justin Bieber special HOAX?? We don’t know. We are in the process of confirming the news, if it is true. Please subscribe and stay on!!