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Seychelle Gabriel is the hot and sexy girl that you are dying to know about now. We are sure you are here looking for the bio or hot pictures of this dame. For those who aren’t sure who the Seychelle Gabriel is, she appears in a lead role in M Night Shyamalan’s current movie Airbender that has hit the screen today. It one of the most anticipated movie, although it has been dubbed a failure even before it was released by few serious critics. However, isn’t it too early to judge a movie whether it going to be a box office hit or a flop? The movie comes packed with some great actions scenes that are enhanced by big budget graphics and a storyline that no one would dislike.

Over that, the movie is directed by M Night Shyamalan, who hasn’t made a flop movie yet, though few never matched his renowned movie, Sixth Sense. “The Airbender” doesn’t seem to be an exception and taking into account the success of all his previous movies, this latest piece of art might click with the masses.

Now back to the hotie, the role portrayed by Seychelle Gabriel in the very flick is quite significant; for the matter she is the one playing a major role in the cast and tends to perform challenging task. Seychelle Gabriel is successful in her destined role, however we might have to wait for the critics to saddle up, and the movie we know is just out today.

Seychelle Gabriel is without doubt a fine actress in Hollywood, with a wonderful record in acting and definite experiences, which include television and flicks too. Seychelle Gabriel appeared at the premiere of the movie and she looked apt for an hottie.

Take a look at her picture and ogle. Note, we will bring in more of her soon! When we say more, we mean more of her, but less of cloths though. :-) Until then, stay subscribed!