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image If the reports coming in have credibility then Lisa Beamer, the widow of Todd Beamer, might have remarried. However the news channels haven’t confirmed the authenticity of the remarriage issue yet.

Lisa Beamer’s deceased husband, Todd Beamer, was killed in the September 11, 2001 attacks while onboard United Airlines Flight 93, at the age of 32 . Todd Beamer was on the ill-fated US plane and perished along with the other passengers when it struck one of the Twin Towers.

He is remembered as a hero for the reason that he instigated other passengers to make an attempt to prevent the terrorists from using the plane as next weapon. Todd Beamer’s last voice on the plane’s voice recorder is heard requesting the other passengers to barge into the cockpit and attack the hijackers.

His words were, ‘Let’s roll’ and this became the battle cry for the war in Afghanistan later on.

Lisa Beamer lately wrote a book on her husband, titled, ‘Lets Roll: Ordinary People, Extraordinary Courage’.

We need to still wait for an official source to confirm Lisa’s second marriage. Until then we can deem this news a rumor!