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Top 10 Best Selling Fantasy Novels of the Decade: Best Fantasy Books for Kids, Children, Adults: Best Fantasy Books

Since the inception of reigning movies and TV the habit of reading books was speculated to dwindle and die. However, the books have proved their mettle continuing to be part of people’s life today. Several readers today have realized that apart from keeping the mind engaged, reading novels improves vocabulary.  There is a wide genre of the novels available on the shelf. However, we have statistics that prove that readers prefer fantasy novels over the others.

With that note on your plate, let us hop over to list the “Top 10 Best Selling Fantasy Novels of the Decade”.

10. The Scar by China Mieville

The scar apart from garnering huge support from the reader, it has also won several accolades. The revolves around a Perdido street station, and goes on to narrate the story of a ship’s journey that sets sail from the city of New Crobuzon.


09. The Ghost King by R.R Salvatore

Stated to be one of the bestselling novels in the year 2009, the book “The Ghost King” is third in the fantasy novel’s transition series. The novel is listed here for being one of the best fantasy novels in this decade.

08. Perdido Street Station by China Mieville

The novel brings to life the legend of Isaac Dan der Grimnebulin who is obsessed with his theory of Crisis energy. The story is set in city of New-Crobuzon that is located in a fictional world of Bas-Lag that is riddled with magic and steampunk technology together.

07. A Storm of Swords by George R.R Martin

Being one of the 7 planned novels in the series “The Song of the Ice and Fire” the “A Storm of swords” is an epic fantasy novel that spins a tale around 5 kings who are at war to secure their crowns. One of those warring kings pass away and with only 4 left the fight continues until there is a sole survivor.

06. Kushiel’s Dart by Jacqueline Carey

Being one of the novel in the Kushiel’s Legacy series, “Kushiel’s Dart” is a hard-core fantasy  novel that is written in the lines of Biblical book of Genesis particularly the passage of “sons of Gods” coming into the “daughter of Men”. This award winning critically acclaimed novel is again one of the best in the decade. takes place in the fictional land of Terre D’Ange located in France.

05. The Darkness that came before by Scott Bakker

“The Darkness that came before” is the first novel in a planned trilogy. The novel demands complex thinking and imaginations; however is simply a fantastic fantasy story focusing on the 5 main characters residing at the school of sorcerer in the world of Earwa.

04. Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince by J.K Rowlings

Nothing much to be told here. You know very well about this novel from the series of famous movies made on this book.  Harry Potter series had its sixth novel recently and is the most interesting book by the author J.K Rowlings. It has the main character Harry Potter and his fellow students who have severl issues to solve in the world riddled with magic. The 6th book by the name “Half Blood Prince” narrated a   Harry’s quest to vanquish Lord Voldemort, meanwhile facing numerous other challenges following the death of Prof. Dumbledore at the hands of Prof. Snape.

03. Lamentation by Ken Scholes

Lamentation is a acclaimed novel revolving around its main character Rudolfo, the lord of the Nine Forest Houses, whose city of Windwir is destroyed by an ancient weapon. The survivor is a young apprentice who has ability to transform. The story is simple and is full of awesome fantasy.

02. American Gods by Neil Gaiman

Being an award winning novel, the “American Gods” is stated to be one of the best novels in the decade and still continues to interest the readers though it was released in the year 2011. This fantasy novel involved a genre of American modern and ancient mythology with “Shadow” as it main character. Shadow is an ex-convict released from the prison recently following the demise of his wife Laura. He begins working for Mr. Wednesday who is actually an incarnation of Odin, the All father. Shadow’s continues the fight against several mythological gods unveiled as the story proceeds.

01. The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfus

The reason this book stands first in the list is for the several awards it garnered since its release. Stated to be a dark fantasy novel narrates a story that is spun around a stunning musician Kvothe pronounced Quothe who is blesses with an ability to learn quickly. He is a master playing lute and owns an amazing voice.  . Kvothe is depicted as a hero disappeared and supposedly dead following amazing stunning yet terrible deeds he indulged in. A must read!