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Here is a list of “10 of the Best Monster Trucks in the World – Pictures ” that are our favorites. The monster trucks are classified as ones that have commercial purpose and those that are built to demonstrate mechanical prowess.

1.Knight XV
You can buy this awesome monster truck for just £650,000. Produced by is Conquest Vehicle this truck is said to have capability to even withstand tiny atomic explosion.

2. International CXT
With the capability to carry nearly 6 tons cargo, this truck is claimed to be toughest truck by its manufacturer.

3. Shuttle transporter
Shuttle transporter built and operated by NASA has in the recent past lost its sheen due to problems like low mileage and high maintenance costs. However, it had it own good old days.

4. Terex
Terex was reigning as largest and powerful transport truck for almost 25 years. However, it has been reduced to being a museum piece in Canada. It is said that its generator alone supplied enough power that could support 250 homes.

5. T 282B
Though T 282B has been officially degraded, it held the title of being the world’s largest equipped truck. Serving as an excavator in the mines, it could lift 362 tons with ease. Cost is pegged at $3 million, devoid of the tyres.

6. Caterpillar 797
Caterpillar 797 can haul closer to 350 tons in one go. It is driven by V24 quad-turbo diesel engine punching a power of 3,400 horse power.

7. Ginaf X2223
This massive Ginaf X2223 which is a 4×4 truck participates in the back-breaking Paris Dakar Rally competing with cars and motorbikes.

8. Komatsu 960E
Delivering a power of 3500 bhp the Komatsu 960E comes with two induction traction motors on the both sides of the axle, an unique feature for easy navigation.

9. Bagger 288
13,500 ton Bagger 288 bucket-wheel excavator was built in the year, 1978. At that time it was the largest land vehicle in the world beating Nasa’s crawler.

10. Land Rover Cuthbertson
If you looking out for a daily use monster truck the Land Rover Cuthbertson is one of the best. The truck is considered to the most creative monster truck ever created in the world.