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image New BMW-7 Review India.:

A virtue being the flagship of the BMW family this 7 series upholds everything BMW stands for and sets the dawn for the other cars in the BMW range. In the last couple of years 7 series has come under pressure, and competent competition. So, to up the stakes BMW has decided to give BMW 7 series a facelift. Let us see if it makes it lot better for the real.

For the person sitting in the back seat, the experiences that really matters in a car of this class. A BMW has made several small changes to make it more luxurious and more comfortable.

For instance, self-levelling suspension is often  a standard now across the 7 series range. What does that mean to the Indian buyer, well nothing. That’s because we always had the long wheel base version of 7 and it has always been known for Air brings in the rear. In India, 7 has a soft and almost cat like fervour. However,  7 moved around a bit at higher speed. BMW has strived to improve the ride. For this they have tweaked linkages and have used hydraulic barriers to isolate the cabin even further.

The next generation of round flat tyres also offers greater ride comfort. That’s not all for the experience, 7 is packed with lot more sound insulation in the BMC pillars and even in the boot.
When we get the car in India, we will be sure to find out the true experience. However, ride would ne pretty nice. It is pretty nice body control that is bit tighter. That aside, the cabin is more insulated and feels more luxurious and more relaxing, and it also makes the cabin more airy.

To spot the change in the cabin isn’t easy. The screen for the optional rear seat entertainment is lighter and slimmer. There are new chrome garnishes for rich feel. The 1200 watt sound system has a new retractable speaker on the dashboard. There is a new optional 10.52 inch LCD display with 3d effect in the drivers instruments. It looks quite smart. and in different modes the display actually changes.

In the comfort mode the dials look normal, when you switch to sport the dials change and the hue becomes warm orange. In the tree hugging eco mode the display changes to cool shade of blue. The adjacent screen also shows the navigation directions in an easy view to comprehend. There are more high-tech on the car front and rear. Like the led chrome lights. These double up as main beam and daytime running light.

The other visual tweaks are quite fine like the upright kidney rim, that has fewer slacks. It’s down to 9 from 12. Front fenders and extend across the entire bottom half area. The verticals cards there are to route the air to reduce drag. In the rear there is a chrome shape, the red shade in the tail lamp stands out.

Now the engine for India, sure it is same basic architecture as the motor in the 730B , but now it has free turbo, and is called high-end performance engine, which means the BHP and torque levels have jumped significantly and that gives the car a whole loaded shove.

Driving the car creates a great first time impression. The motor is pretty impressive. has some 70 KG of torque at 20000 RPM, and below that, it really doesn’t feel nice. Once you cross 2000 RPM mark it pulls and pulls. But, that gives the 7 series a incredible ability to cover distances without any effort and is vey quick.

The gears box compliments the engine perfectly, quick shifting, feels smooth, and of course efficient as well.

Yep, BMW claims 25% improvement in efficiency, thanks to the gearbox. Shifts smoothly at 170 KM/hr. Eco mode is the most efficient more to drive on. In this mode, the response becomes dull and gearbox changes up sooner. It also reduces the AC in the mode to aid the engine. BMW claims that small tweaks that it has made would make 25% improvement in fuel efficiency. It is almost unlikely that BMW will offers all the features in India.

Lot of grip around the bends lent by the dynamic front, and you can push hard and fast.

The driving experience with controls set to sports, it feels easy to drive. But, it’s 5 m length and 2 tons of weight is quite apparent. While rear  wheel versus the 7 gear electric power steering, the 4 wheel drive is more enjoyable. The steering on the 7 is pretty easy going and behaves the way you want around corner. In the back seat or behind the wheel, the day you spend in the 7 would prove enjoyable indeed.

Facelift for Indians might be underwhelming, but BMW has made several tweaks to the car to make it more luxurious and efficient.

We need to wait for BMW series to experience it, and comment.