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Natural Remedy for diabetics.

Are you diabetic and wondering what to eat, then here is diabetic food chart that can help you,  foremost , in keeping  the sugar levels low, and then even preventing it. Read on to understand how to keep your diabetes in check, or sometimes even prevent it.  We have listed Fruits and Vegetables for Diabetics.

1. Pears.

· Rich in potassium and loaded with fibre.

· Low Carbohydrates.

· Thought fruits and vegetable contain sugar they are good for you on several reasons. Keep you intake low and do consult a physician before embarking on a major diet change.

2. Cabbage.

· Has a low Glycaemic index of 10.

·  Diabetic friendly.

· Rich source of vitamin C and K.

3. Berries.

· Strawberries or indigo colored are rich in antioxidants.

· Rich in vitamins and fibre and are low in carbohydrates.

4. Oranges.

· Orange contains sugar; however it houses other compounds that help control blood glucose.

·  The soluble fibre present in an orange thickens as it gets digested, and results in bringing down the sugar absorption rate, offering better control of your blood sugar.

5. Beans.

· Kidney beans, black beans or lentils are low fat, low calorie and high protein.

· Feels full, reduces the digestion rate and prevents blood sugar from spiking.

6. Spinach.

· Green  leafy, and fresh spinach is extremely low in calories and carbohydrates

· Spinach is one thing a diabetic can eat almost freely.

7. Apples.

·  Low calories and carbohydrate content

· Fibrous, with tons of vitamins and antioxidants,

· Us this diabetes friendly fruit for snacks.

8. Okra (Lady’s finger).

· Contains soluble fibre

· One of the best vegetable for diabetic.

9. Brinjal.

· Non-starchy, low carbohydrate and soluble fiber

·  Enjoy this vegetable as much as you can

10. Cherries.

· Sugar in the Cherries is natural.

· Has a low calorie count and a minimal carbohydrate level

· Ensure if they weren’t soaked in sugar solution. So time they do.